Johnnie Colter was born in southern Indiana. Involved in sports at a young age he was groomed to play basketball. But music was always an outlet for him and gave comfort to the grind that sports and life in general always gave. After high school he attended Virginia tech on a full scholarship. Upon graduation he moved to Los Angeles and formed the early hard rock band SCIFIN. Thru many line up changes he never lost focus and found success with the band and had good national radio play. But after 9 years The band broke up and he was in limbo for 2 years until forming the second version of SCIFIN. But as fate would have it.. They broke up after only 2 years. Determined to achieve his dream and a chance meeting with Dustin Ordner he has formed the band set Defiset. The long road in the music biz is tuff but johnnie will continue to strive towards the goal of success and making music. Cheers!!